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2018/2019 Programme Syllabus




What we hope to achieve



Biggar Camera Club, what can we do for you?


As an existing or new member, hear some of the existing members talk about their preferences for photography, what subjects we photograph successfully and which ones we don't, what equipment we use from a phone camera to a digital SLR. Come along and see what you might be able to achieve, what some  think are good photos taken recently and possibly some of the failures,  we all make lots of mistakes, but the aim is to understand why and how next time we get a better photo. A social chatty evening to get to know new members over a tea or coffee and a perhaps a few photos on display, however bring along your camera if you want or a few photos on a memory stick or even prints to discuss



Filling your view finder


whilst we don’t now all use a viewfinder, it’s just an old fashioned term for a screen, how do you ensure that what you are seeing as you press the shutter button is translated into a good photo, how to avoid common pitfalls, do I zoom in or out? Hopefully some ideas and suggestions for ensuring that when you get home and look at the photo, it's what you wanted to see. bring your camera or phone along and we will try a few practical ways of getting more out of the camera and into the photo



Getting the best out of your camera


we all have buttons or  our camera that we don’t use, what buttons help or hinder, have you ever wondered why do some people seem to get a better photo when stood next to you but with similar kit and yours is unusable. Technology is brilliant if we can control it. Can we help you get control of your camera rather than it being in control. If you can master the camera it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Let see if we can find out what all those buttons really do so bring your camera and photography kit along



Is it a good photo?


we all differ in our views on what is and isn't a good photo, however there are some basic things that need to be right, help and guidance on what might or might not do well when printed and mounted, what would a competition judge say, how can I improve the image, basic tweaks that computer can do in a few seconds to enhance a photo.




Final mounting of prints and members required to help set up BLF Exhibition

20 and 21-Oct-18


BLF Exhibition


Members' Open Exhibition - Biggar Little Festival @ Youth Project

Saturday and Sunday 11 to 4.



Scary Munroe's


Ron Bell is keen amateur photographer and competition judge who also spends a lot of his spare time walking the countryside and a keen Munroe's. Come and see some stunning scenic photos taken at all sorts of heights and angles of places you might be inspired to wander off too given a new spare hours






Some people believe the smart phone has killed off traditional photography. Kenny Martin doesn't share that view, as a brilliant local photographer (Edinburgh & Peebles) he will show you some stunning images captured on a phone, what software to use to edit them, show you photos that can compete with some of the best Digital SLR's and hopefully inspire you to take better and more adventurous photos. An entertaining speaker with a  wealth of photographic knowledge that will hopefully round off our first few meetings with some inspirational thoughts from a professional photographer



Match an Image


At Beeslack Camera Club (In Peniculk), not as naff as it sounds, can you match the subject matter of the other team photos, photos of things that you wouldn’t normally expect, the weird and wacky are all in this competition, but whose is the better photo? A fun and light hearted evening, no one really cares who wins but an opportunity to see what others can do



Enhancing your Photographs


hopefully by now, we all learnt something from the first few nights and are taking better photos, but what do all these software programmes do, they have far more options than the most sophisticated cameras and so which ones do you use, can I recover a badly exposed picture, there are all sorts of things you can do if you want to. we will review the options, basics and try and get you all to improve an image or two



Making the camera work for you


with cold dark nights and short days, we plan to do some internal photography, how do we make the camera get the best out of the light, or lack of, you will be surprised at how good modern cameras and especially phones are at taking pictures in low light, but with a bit of effort and setting things correctly, you can get far better results than you thought possible. A practical evening exploring camera settings and techniques that hopefully round of the year and leaving you thinking about the endless possibilities of photography, regardless of the lack of bright sunny days



Printing and how to show off your photos


How to mount prints for presentation and how we adjust images for projection, making the photo fit the mount, colour settings for printing and projection and all things you might need to know to win a competition



First Challenge

Challenge Night Workshop "Macro Photography" and the using "Depth of Field" Bring your camera and kit(tripod /lenses) Lighting to be provided




Robert Little Trophy "Scottish Natural History" and Tom Dickson Trophy "Landscapes" Images required by 16th January




Club Night bring along your Animate and Inanimate images of Macro Photography - Prints required for Portfolio Competition (last hand in date)



Portfolio Competition 2 tier entry (new members 3 prints on a theme/tell a story)(existing member 5 prints on a theme/tell a story) Judge Dougie Allan




Club Night - Subject to be announced




Go out in a group of club members to sporting events (Saturday or Sunday)Please see Website/Facebook in March for available events




Challenge Night "Sports Photography" at Biggar Rugby Club bring your camera and tripod. Nightime Photography - Nigel Pacey




Match an Image with North Berwick Camera Club (in Biggar)

Judge to be announced. Annual Open Competition entries required.




Annual Open Competition- Judge Charles Summers




Easter Sunday




AGM  and Trophies awarded for the best photographs for all Competitions

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