We value the experience and expertise of others and welcome guest speakers to contribute to our meetings.  Each brings unique insights into some aspect of the world of photography and their enthusiasm rarely fails to rub off those who attend.  We are grateful for the time they give us.

October 4th – Libby Smith, ‘Before and After’

Libby Smith concluded our small series on using computer software to process photographs.  Her presentation began by outlining her main reason for processing photo was to bring them closer to what was initially seen – the eye sees much more than the camera!  Her aim is to bring her photographs alive by bringing out the information already there, by working on the contrasts throughout to bring out highlights moving from a flat photo to something which is much more three dimensional and alive.  She showed some wonderful examples of photographs before and after processing and demonstrated how to do it!  We all benefitted from her skill and talent.

November 1st – Bob Collins, ‘Photographs of Crete’

Bob Collins brought some sunshine to Biggar with his presentation of prints from the island of Crete.  Beofre travelling to Crete, he had undertaken much research of the history and culture of the island which enabled him to plan his photographic expedition.  Each print illustrated some aspect of Cretan life -  from its beaches to the old women of the mountains widowed during the Second World War.  He had some particularly stunning portraits which each carefully composed and shot.  He commented on how easy it was to take portraits of folk - all he did was ask!!  But then he used to be a wedding photographer so he was used to it.

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