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We learn much from each other and each year the club sets up some challenges focused on some particular aspect of photography.  These challenges involve a club member researching the topic and giving a short presentation on what they have found to other members.  We then apply the learning and return a month later with our attempts at the challenge.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes not but we always learn something.

This coming Year

We have two Challenges. On the 9th January 2019 on the subject "Marco Photography" and using Depth of Field. In March the Challenge is "Daytime and Nightime Sports Photography."

Past Challenge

‘The Night Sky’

Nov 15th : Presenting the Challenge

Nigel gave a coimprehensive presentation on photographing at night - all the way from 'A' to 'Z".  Members have been set the challenge!

Dec 13th : How did we do? - See for yourself ...

motorway lights



Past Challenge

January 10th 2018 : Emotions

John gave an emotional presentation with shots to make folk sad, happy, intriguiged, worried ......  And the challenge is to produce a set of shots which touch the feelings of the audience. 

Feb 7th 2018 : How did we do?  See for yourself ....



Past Challenge

March 3rd 2018 : Shadows and Reflections

Graham Wardill and Debs Colley gave presentations.  Debs discovered that shadows can be created from various different objects or things. Reflections also can be created in lots of surfaces too mirrors, Windows, water, puddles etc so our challenge is to try and create a few images of both shadows and reflections.


April 11th 2018 : How did we do?  See for yourself ....


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