We learn much from each other and each year the club sets up some challenges focused on some particular aspect of photography.  These challenges involve a club member researching the topic and giving a short presentation on what they have found to other members.  We then apply the learning and return a month later with our attempts at the challenge.  Sometimes we succeed and sometimes not but we always learn something.

Past Challenge

‘The Night Sky’

Nov 15th : Presenting the Challenge

Nigel gave a coimprehensive presentation on photographing at night - all the way from 'A' to 'Z".  Members have been set the challenge!

Dec 13th : How did we do?


Current Challenge

January 10th 2018 : Emotions

John gave an emotional presentation with shots to make folk sad, happy, intriguiged, worried ......  And the challenge is to produce a set of shots which touch the feelings of the audience. 

Feb 7th 2018 : How did we do?


Future Challenge

March 2018 : Shadows and Reflections