With Other Clubs

From time to time we join with other clubs for some light hearted fun and some more serious competitions.  This year two 'Match an Image' competitions are planned.  This involves one club putting up an image on screen.  The other club then responds with an image with some link to the one on screen.  The stronger the link the more likely it will be declared a match by an independent judge.  The team with most matches wins.  It is a time for the weird and wonderful.

The Biggar Camera Club is one of twelve which join together for an annual competition.  This year it will be held at Roslin in March 2018.

Past event

Match an Image with Beeslack Camera Club   : 29th November in Biggar

Biggar Camera Club triumphed at the annual ‘Match the Image’ contest with Beeslack Camera Club last night. Points were awarded for matching an image presented by the opposing team and for having the better image of the two whether they matched or not. The contest was judged by Ken Foulis, local professional photographer and owner of The Biggar Gallery. He added much to the evening with his impartial approach, detailed descriptions of his decisions and advice on how some of the shots could have been improved. As well as winning, we learned much. Thanks to all who contributed photographs with special thanks to Nigel Pacey and Graham Wardill for making the final choices.

Past Event

12-way competition : 11th March, 2018 (Sunday) in Roslin

The 12-way competition became an 8-way competition and Biggar came 6th which is an improvement on the previous year!   Useful feedback on individual shots making up our submision has been circulated.

Past event

Match an Image with North Berwick Camera Club (in North Berwick) : 1st March 2018 (Thursday)  NOTE - Postponed to 26th April 8pm

Biggar came from behind with a late surge to narrowly beat our hosts by a single point.  The result means we were unbeaten in match-an-image competitions.

This coming year

We have a rematch with the Beeslack Camera Club in Peniculk on the 15th November 2018 and with North Berwick Camera Club in Biggar on the 3rd April 2019

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